You know the stickers, t-shirts, buttons and everything imaginable that your sales and marketing teams dole out in order to keep the consumer aware of their brand. In a very competitive marketplace, the hats with a company logo might be the deciding factor in how a deal gets done. It’s amazing to see how excited a co-worker can get over a keychain with a corporate logo! Anyway, schwag is now becoming apart of the urban hipsters attire these days. What once was used in office pranks is now becoming fashionable. Why not wear a tee-shirt from a tech company that was bought out by Google? It shows you’ve done something and could have money"¦and that’s a sure fire way to get a date.

So our friends at have the lasso out and are reeling in all sorts of corporate gear. They collect the goodies and send a care package once a month to members for $14.95. To date, 1,500 schwagers have signed on to get their monthly burlap sack of “stuff”, and thousands more are checking out their site for more details. We can’t wait for our next visit from the Santa of Schwag"¦actually, Santa’s not real, but the UPS guy holding a burlap sack of schwag certainly is!

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