I used to take pride in my CD collection; every purchase was made with a great deal of thought and I could claim that there was not once dud in my book of several hundred albums (alphabetized by artist then album of course). This building process took years and years but has recently hit a wall. I think it’s a phenomenon that happens to many people, at some point you just simply grow so sick of your CDs that you don’t even want to look at them "” let alone listen.

It is really an unfortunate thing but there is a simple solution. First, if you haven’t already, digitally copy your music so that when you are an old timer you can play Puff Daddy (not in my collection) for you grandkids (not in my future). Second, check out and turn your stagnant collection of music into a revolving door of fresh tunes. For just 1 buck you can trade your old favorites for some new new new stuff that I haven’t even heard of yet! The 1.8 million titles at Lala include some obscure, hard to find masterpieces. The peerflix of music has arrived. While traffic is increasing at a rampant pace, lala boasted roughly 17,500 people in May. Get in on the action!!

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