Extra Extra"¦

Read all about it. Every minute, around the world, there is more news being posted online than we can shake a stick at, and that is a lot. Personally, I have never shaken a stick at anything except those darn kids playing their music to loudly on their decked out entertainment systems in their hip new lofted space. So what’s new in news you ask? Not much. The same old same old"¦ economy, war, politics and some kid named Shiloh with some famous parents. The real news just isn’t that much fun. In fact, it’s down right depressing. So why bother checking out the staples like nytimes.com, CNN.com, Google News, washingtonpost.com when you can laugh at a make believe article on how the Dallas Mavericks intend to use machetes to contain Shaquille O’Neal in this year’s NBA Finals.

Where can you read about such nonsense? The Onion! It has been around for years, but it is currently as funny as ever. The site hosted 159,000 people in a recent week. If you like abstract takes on real news, then check out Fark.com, a collection of not-your-average articles on literally any subject. 94,000 people visit Fark.com on a weekly basis and all are happily surprised by the news. These two parody publications have been around the block, but they still put the"¦couldn’t think of anything funny to say here. I guess that’s why I don’t work at The Onion or Fark.