Rainy Day, Week, Month.

It’s warm and sunny somewhere, right? It’s that time of the year again. Spring is just about over and summer is right around the corner, but if you’re like the millions in the Northeast who can’t buy a day without rain, then we have some sites for you to remedy the occasional seasonal depression. First, if you are depressed about the weather, never, ever check out this page.

You did?! That wasn’t smart. Now if you want to get a good laugh after seeing the beautiful forecast in paradise, check out Comedy Central Jokes. Nearly 300,000 people a week visit this site looking to brighten up their lives and find quality jokes to tell their cubicle neighbor. We all know a good joke in your repertoire is essential, so let’s lay off the Knock Knock jokes and add a seasoned professional’s humor into your lineup.

Feel better? Not yet huh? Ok, well, we have another option and it includes getting your already soaking umbrella and braving the weather in order to get to your local theatre. The summer blockbusters are here and this is the time to check out what everyone is talking about. You can see Vince and Jen, that little Dan Brown novel, and what we like to call The Best Movie Ever, X-Men 3. But before you go, you should buy your tickets online. This is the busiest time of the year to catch a flick and we suggest a visit to fandango.com or movietickets.com before you arrive and find out your show is sold out. A combined 1.5 million people visited these two sites last week to find show times and to buy tickets. Well, I hope these suggestions can alleviate some of the seasonal depression that has been afflicting everyone in the Northeast, and please, don’t worry there is hope that we won’t have to build ourselves a raft. On second thought, maybe we should"¦