Rotten Tomato Movie Reviews

The problem with reading movie reviews is that you always have to be leery of biases. Certain critics like specific actors or specific genres of films. Perhaps their interests are not in line with your own. To combat this issue, rates movies based on every critic review they can find for any given film. By aggregating the opinions of hundreds of reviews, Rotten Tomatoes is able to minimize bias while providing valuable information. Currently the tomatometer is reporting a 73% for Over the Hedge, a 70% for Mission Impossible III, and an impressive 90% for United 93.

In order to earn the “Certified Fresh” status a film must earn a rating of 75% or higher. This is a great way to find which movies consistently received good reviews. You can browse the database, search by title, actors, or top rated movies.

I am one of over 675,000 people who visit this site every week and my NetFlix queue is completely reliant upon it.

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