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Due to the unleashing of their summer fleet, traffic to increased by 35% from May to June . New shows like Lucky Louie and Dane Cook’s Tourgasm certainly played a role in this rampant upturn. My personal favorite, Entourage, no doubt had a hand in the spike as well. The season three premier aired on June 11 and in preparation many viewers went online in order to freshen up

Operation Million Cup

Whether you’re operating a jackhammer or typing at a computer for a living, chances are you need a little boost to help you get through your day. And if you’re an American, it’s a safe bet that your boost of choice is highly-caffeinated. Never mind what they tell you about the cost of gasoline, coffee is truly the fuel that runs this nation. And now, a specialty online coffee


As an air travel consumer, sometimes we feel like there is no competition between the airlines and we never know if we’re getting the best deal possible on a plane ticket. The age old question always arises when you are buying a ticket online- Should I buy now, or do I wait a week to see if prices will go down? If I don’t buy now, will I just watch

Holy Blog!

I realize that our blog is interesting and that it offers unrivaled insight as well as site metrics. And I understand that people are visiting our site and making it part of their daily internet routine. I was not aware, however, that God would be giving us a shout out. I must have spaced because I honestly just did not see it coming. Altough our internal log files do not


If you are like me and have no idea about wine and feel a slight sense of apprehension with the daunting task of walking up and down the aisles at a wine shop in order to pick out a bottle of wine or 4 for your next party, then we might be able to offer some help. As States are changing their laws about shopping for wines online, it is


Imagine being a 24 year old Superbowl champion quarterback with millions in the bank and the world at your feet. You’re cruising through life, speeding along, wind in your hair… Feels great, right? Now imagine your teeth imbedded in the windshield of a Chrysler New Yorker, or in the pavement, or both. Does it still feel great? Well, maybe it does. After all, you can probably afford a pretty good


If you haven’t yet received an email with a link to a 30-Second Bunny movie do not fret, you will soon. That’s right, I said a 30-Second Bunny movie. People are sending these humorous shorts to inboxes all over the country. I had no idea that rabbits were such versatile actors; from Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in Brokeback Mountain to Rocky Balboa to the entire cast of Jaws (including the shark),

Listener Supported Radio – Who is Guilty of Not Supporting?

I’m a music guy. I don’t play it. I can’t read it, but shuuuute do I like listening to it. I like music so much that I listen to it all day long at my desk. Although I bolster a digital music collection of over 30 gigs, I still get tired of my own stuff. As a result, when I’m listening to music at work I tune into a great

Whole Lot Of Food

Obviously, food is such a big part of our lives and we all wish we could have ma or grandma’s home cooking every night. We all strive to live healthy, but in this on-the-go society that is America, we forget how to eat right and the consequence is being lazy with our food choices and packing on the weight. Trust me, I love the double QT pounder w/cheese and if

Diet Coke and Mentos

It’s been roughly 25 or so years since the spread of the urban legend of Pop-Rocks and coke. It was once believed that if you mixed the two delicious products it might cause an internal explosion that would blow your head off! I remember being in the 3rd grade and opening up my garbage pal kids cards on the playground, sipping on a coke and being warned by all my

Authors Unite!

Not to be confused with (June 10th post), is fighting the good fight in the war on big business publishers. Founder Bob Young knows from personal experience that the book-publishing industry can be unfriendly for new, independent authors. Young found that most publishing companies make their money by capitalizing on economies of scale and only printing books that will sell tens of thousands of copies. His answer to