Monthly Archives: May 2006

Fort Knox has left the key in the door"¦

Since Gold has been trading on the NY mercantile exchange at an all time high in April and May, what better way to get a positive message to consumers then by having a sweepstakes and giving the stuff away! That’s right folks, the "May is Gold Month" sweepstakes has begun at and you should join the small army of gold treasure hunters who are registering to win some free

Searching for Lost Treasure

Seems like there were lots of people trying to see if long lost Aunt Helen left any money in some forgotten checking account before she kicked. and, two sites that try to put people in touch with money they might have coming to them, were at or near the 250,000 mark for week 18 (04/30). Both sites are affiliated with the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA),

For Your Viewing Pleasure

We’ve all gotten emails from friends and co-workers with links to humerous short films. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes not. If you want to find lots of content in the “good” category, do what almost 400,000 people did in Week 18 (04/30) — take a look at The site features shorts in varioius categories like animation, comedy, extreme and drama. It even offers multi-part series like Angry Kid and The

Run for the Roses

Racing fans and degenerate gamblers alike were busy on the web during the week of the 132nd annual “Run for the Roses” at Churchill Downs. had over half a million visits from people who were learned about the horses in the field, the history of the race, and the recipe for those ultra-decadent $1000 mint juleps served in gold plated cups (all 50 were sold well before noon). Those

Want a Free $2,000,000 home?

Donald P. Cook was just handed the keys to the 10th annual HGTV $2 million Dream home Giveaway. Lucky guy. Besides winning the brand new home, GMC parked a brand new Yukon in his garage. Not a bad day’s work for registering, along with 35 million other people, at All it takes is an email address and a dream! The 2006 dream home, located near Lake Lure NC, is

Cheap Gifts

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’ve been spending all of your money on gasoline, you’ll need to find an inexpensive way to show mom your appreciation. could be just the place for you. Their motto, “NOTHIN’ over $20!”, pretty much says it all. Where else can you buy a matching set of metal candle holders shaped like crabs for $14.99? Almost 500,000 thrifty folks did their shopping

We've Got Gas

Gas prices are near all-time highs, and consumers were taking notice during Week 17 (04/23). and, two sites that claim to find the lowest gas prices in your neighborhood, each had visits from a half-million price-conscious drivers for the week. We can’t really vouch for the reliability of their offerings, so investigate at your own risk. For more comprehensive information about ways to save at the pump, over

Draftnik Madness

Even as baseball season and the NBA and NHL playoffs were in full swing, interest in the NFL was on the rise during Week 17 (04/23) as Fantasy Footballers tried to predict who would go where in the 2006 draft. Over 2 million people hit in the week leading up to the draft, an increase of 53% over the previous week. Green Bay Packers fans were particularly interested, with