4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42"¦ Lost

Well folks, it’s over"¦for now.

Several major questions were answered in Lost’s season 2 finale and many left un-answered, but aren’t those un-answered questions the ones that are going to keep the show on the air for several more years to come? Brilliant.

In what will likely go down as one of the best season finales of the year (Sorry Will & Grace lovers), we now know (we think) the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 aren’t in purgatory and they’re not a part of some demonic psychological experiment. So what is really going on? We have no idea. We just tune in, week after week, like all the "others" begging for answers that are spoon fed to us about twice a season. Then for a week after the show or until the next new show, we, like millions of other devoted fans comb the blogs looking for fantastical theories about hatches, vaccines, psychotherapy, plane crashes, faith, rescues and everything under the sun. Theories fly around the web and endless water cooler talk ensues, after which a buzzing residue is left ingrained in our minds like the insane electromagnetic blast that rocked the TV world last night.

A new and very engaging element to the show has been the addition of The Hanso Foundation commercials that have been running during commercial breaks. The Hanso Foundation is the “fake” corporation that supposedly runs the Dharma Initiative on the show. Millions of people are flocking to TheHansoFoundation.org and HansoCareers.com like the devout Losties they are, in hopes of finding some missing clues that will unlock the mystery to the show. What a great way to keep viewers engaged when the show goes off the TV air for 5 months!

It took 2 episodes before The Hanso Foundation websites starting generating mass amounts of traffic, but now they are the talk of the online world and generating an enormous amount of Buzz. We bet more pseudo sites will pop up as we near the start of Season 3 in 5 months.