Apple + Nike = Running 3.0

We all know how big Nike is when it comes to athletic gear and apparel, but now a symbiotic relationship has been created between Apple and Nike that is about to change the athletic world forever.

The latest Nike+ Air Zoom running shoes are here! But now they are equipped with a receiver that will connect to an iPod Nano through the Nike+ Sportkit. The wireless Sportkit receiver plugs into the iPod which can then display graphical information on time, distance, pace, and calories burned while you are out running. Pretty cool stuff. The data is received from a sensor in the shoe, with audible feedback provided through the earphones. That’s all I need when I’m out running, another little voice telling me to run faster"¦ But after you get whipped into shape by your iPod, you can then download your course and times and let iTunes track where you’ve been.

If you want to see and shop all the cool Nike/Apple gear, check out or Both sites are visited by over 3 million people each month.

The Nike+ series of shoes will have their retail debut this summer, and the Nike+iPod transmitter kits will sell in Apple and Nike stores for $29.

Lance Armstrong, who is preparing for his first New York Marathon, said, “If you can incorporate time, distance and calories burned together and make it function for both the fitness runner and the high level athlete, it will take working-out to a whole other level.” We bet Lance! now we’re just going to hit play on our 3rd generation iPod, unwrap our monster burrito, and gain calories the old fashioned way"¦ahhh. Now that’s the voice of reason I want to hear, do you think iTunes can track that?!