Capturing Tender Moments

The digital photography revolution has been here for some time now and it’s only getting better and easier to be creative with your photos. As more and more people arm themselves with pocket sized digital cameras and camera phones, consumers are taking more pictures than ever, and are looking for easier ways to share their photos"¦you know the one where your co-worker gets loaded at the company party and does the Macarena on the boss’s table?! Now that’s a keepsake that deserves to be made into a coffee mug or tee-shirt!

Well, it turns out that it is that easy to get that photo of Jay (oops) at the company holiday party turned into 65 awesome coffee mugs. Just check out In week 19 (05/07), saw a 157% increase in traffic, and 196,000 people visiting their site and being more creative with their photos. I can’t wait for those mugs to get here in 4-6 weeks"¦