Remembering Atkins"¦

Remember when the fad diet of the day was the Atkins diet? The low carbohydrate, high fat miracle diet where you would see friends drop 60 pounds in a month jamming porterhouses slathered with butter into their mouths? So, what’s going on in the world of dieting you might ask? Well, it seems that it’s an all natural appetite suppressant called Hoodia, a plant derivative that curbs the appetite. It seems like every drug maker in the world is jumping on the Hoodia bandwagon, but it’s that is making an impact and getting the consumers attention.

In week 19 (05/07), witnessed a 378% jump in traffic and 1,760,460 people visiting their site researching and signing up for free samples of all their natural products. Not only do they have Hoodia products for loosing weight, also has an edge on all natural remedies and offers a variety of products that tan, smooth, clear and un-wrinkle the skin! I bet we begin to see a whole new generation of young looking old people"¦