Lazy Coupon Days Ahead

Yes, we love to shop, but we also love to save and "Save" just happens to be the American consumer’s middle name. We’ll do almost anything and look just about anyplace to save a buck or three. Your parents or grandparents probably still sit at the kitchen table on a Sunday morning, armed with scissors, tearing through the paper looking for that elusive coupon that will save them $1. Now it’s our turn to find the savings.

It’s been no surprise that "e-couponing", with its quickness and ease, has become a huge hit with online consumers, just ask In week 18 (04/30), 926,000 people combed their site in search of a great coupon deal to download. was offering anything from Yogurt to craft books and everything else in between. We also saw 251,151 eager savers click through to from where you could receive 4 craft books for a $1! A dollar doesn’t seem to buy you much these days, but if you search long and hard enough, a dollar will help you get 4 books and 20 yogurts. Hurry to your local coupon site while these low, low prices last"¦Crazy coupons, these prices are insane!