Want a Free $2,000,000 home?

Donald P. Cook was just handed the keys to the 10th annual HGTV $2 million Dream home Giveaway. Lucky guy. Besides winning the brand new home, GMC parked a brand new Yukon in his garage. Not a bad day’s work for registering, along with 35 million other people, at HGTV.com. All it takes is an email address and a dream!

The 2006 dream home, located near Lake Lure NC, is a 5,700 square foot traditional home and can be toured by visiting HGTV.com. We bet that’s what the 1,843,000 jealous people were doing when they visited the site during the week of 4/23. But I wouldn’t be too jealous of Donald. As it turns out, 8 of the last 10 winners have actually had to sell their new homes once they received their tax bills! Hopefully the taxman will be a little more friendly to Donald this year… however, we highly doubt it.