Monthly Archives: April 2006

Hmmm.. Cookies

If you like your cookies home-made, your brownies extra moist, and your websites replete with cheesy music, then take a swing by This Nestlé-owned site features recipes, advice, and promotions that allow bakers to “make the very best” out of the ingredients in their kitchens. And registered users can earn Brownie Points (get it?!) for participating in certain activities in the community section of the website. In preparation for

Going the Distance

Are you a baby boomer? If so, you are a travel distributor’s best bet to capture a booking! Over 10% of the 17 million Baby Boomers who research travel online each month will also book online, considerably more than Young Travelers who tend to window-shop, and Seniors who may be uncomfortable purchasing over the web. The Coolness Quotient: Young Travelers (18-24) are an online agency’s best friend. This group is

Blog Lines

Tackling the overwhelming job of filtering blogs and news from every corner of the Web is A Los Gatos, California based company, allows you to search the blogosphere as well as host your very own blog. You can set up a specialized blog feed to bloglines so that instead of bouncing around from one URL to the next you can save time via consolidation. Although still in its

You're Hired!

Unemployed? Unhappy with your current job? Visit, a Mountain View, California based job search engine. What separates this job search site from others is that it aggregates other site’s listings for a one stop shopping experience. Indicate the parameters or your desired position and you will receive periodic emails with matching openings. Simply Hired even offers a section on dog friendly companies that will allow you to bring your

Homework Helper

In Week 12 (03/19), over 300,000 students, parents, and teachers checked out, the new interactive “homework help tool” recently launched by Discovery Channel. School kids can access lesson-based games, a variety of homework help tools, and tons of research content including over 30,000 instructional video clips. Cosmeo also encourages ongoing learning through an incentive system where kids earn points for each activity which can then be redeemed for screen

You Digg?, a news aggregator, has established itself as one of the new "it" sites of 2006. What separates digg from your average online news page is that the readership decides what stories will be showcased on the site. After reading an article you find interesting click on "digg it" to show your enthusiasm, the stories that have been "dugg" the most end up on the front page. The Web world