Slim for Summer

While the snow was thawing in March, the fear and dread was taking hold in the hearts of would-be beachgoers across the country as they realized that all of that comfort food they’d been eating during the winter had settled in their waists, hips, and thighs.

To try to feel better about themselves, many investigated Wu-Long, the Chinese slimming tea that is now the latest in a long line of products claiming to be the “World’s Best Fat Burner”. was visited by an estimated 775,000 users during the month of March, a 156% increase over February.

(Note: this site should not be confused with Tim’s MySpace account. Tim, a 20 year old man from Ashley, Pennsylvania, uses the MySpace moniker Wu-Tang For Life“. Our research has not yet uncovered any connection between Wu-Long slimming tea and the Wu-Tang Clan).