Face to Face

This is one of the most interesting sites we have ever come across, though we’re not yet convinced about its accuracy.

Go to myheritage.com and sign up for a free account, upload a picture of yourself, and then submit it and allow this genealogical site to match you to ancestors or famous people who you most resemble.

Granted, it is still in beta and perhaps they are tightening up some loose screws. But when we submitted Ryan’s photo (frequent contributor to this blog) to the celebrity match, the output included Martin Luther King Jr., Luciano Pavarotti, and late Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi.

Since Ryan is told that he looks like Conan O’Brian at least twice each day, we’d say the celeb match tool still needs some work.

The concept is still great and traffic to myheritage.com increased by almost 200% in Week 15 (04/09). Check it out and see if it works for you.