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Gnarls Barkley

Obviously MySpace is making waves on the web — estimated 37 million unique users a week, up 37% since Week 1 — but one specific page has been a magnet for hip hop, soul, and R & B enthusiasts as of late. Gnarls Barkley, the combined efforts of southern gospel style rapper Cee Lo Green and the Midas touch DJ Danger Doom, is the new e-craze. The featured song on


Not only can help you find your dream job, but now it also lets you send a “talking monkey email”! The 40th most popular site on the web (estimated 5 million users a week!) has an hilarious feature, where one can customize a chimp with clothes, glasses, and cell phones and then program him to say whatever you want. You can type in text and have the monk-e-mail recite

Slim for Summer

While the snow was thawing in March, the fear and dread was taking hold in the hearts of would-be beachgoers across the country as they realized that all of that comfort food they’d been eating during the winter had settled in their waists, hips, and thighs. To try to feel better about themselves, many investigated Wu-Long, the Chinese slimming tea that is now the latest in a long line of

Face to Face

This is one of the most interesting sites we have ever come across, though we’re not yet convinced about its accuracy. Go to and sign up for a free account, upload a picture of yourself, and then submit it and allow this genealogical site to match you to ancestors or famous people who you most resemble. Granted, it is still in beta and perhaps they are tightening up some

Weather Forecast

As stir-crazy Americans made plans to get outside and enjoy some sunshine, traffic to increased by 67% in Week 14 (04/02). The best thing about this site is that it is not riddled with advertisements; it serves its purpose of relaying the weather.  Type in your zip code and get an in depth, extended forecast for your city. Operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), also

Official Time is a service cooperatively provided by the two time agencies of the United States: a Department of Commerce agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and its military counterpart, the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO). On April 2, Daylight Savings Time began and sprang ahead one hour. In order to confirm what time it actually was, people logged onto this government page, selected their respective time zones,

Six Flags

It is truly amazing how the weather can influence traffic patterns on the Web. As everyone searches for the perfect outdoor adventure activity, traffic to increased by over 250% in Week 14 (04/02). Simple and informative, this website offers the necessary basics for a day trip to a Six Flags theme park -  operating calendar, directions, special events, and most important, the ability to buy your ticket online. Buying


Golf related websites have been attracting a lot of visitors of late, which is pretty much par for the course once the weather starts warming up each year. Every year, the Masters Tournament draws particular attention as golf fans far and wide gather to watch “a tradition unlike any other”. During this year’s Masters, was getting hit harder than a Titleist 2 sitting on a tee in front of

The Ice Age

Mirroring the movie’s monster box office success, traffic to increased 62% in Week 13 (03/26). On the website, you can meet and greet the characters of this “PG” rated movie. Learn how Manny the Wooly Mammoth refuses to admit that his kind is going extinct (even though he has not actually seen another mammoth in a long long time!) and how Scrat the Squirrel is starving. A perfect preface

Spring Forward – a somewhat obscure website makes it into our Top Movers list for Week 13 (03/26). Why? For explaining the mysteries behind the semi-annual annoyance that is Daylight Savings Time., is a semi-experimental project funded by the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA). It provides information on an eclectic mix of subjects, including the causes of color and the history of butter. Over 167,000 clock adjusters visited the


While Researching Bloglines two days ago we came across a slew of similar sites that are combing the endless blogosphere and consolidating the highlights into one user-friendly page. At one can build "lenses" on whatever subject one chooses. Users have covered obscure topics such as; beef jerky, juggling, and of course, the most revered tea in china. Although still in beta, more than 11,000 users visited the website in