Monthly Archives: March 2006

George, George, George

Thanks in large part to this photo (photo removed), which appeared on several celebrity-oriented US websites, British news site The Sun made a rare foreigner forray into our Weekly Movers list. The story of George Michael’s latest brush with the law caused quite a stir, but will he be able to use it to revive his sagging career like he did last time? One of the crown jewels in the

Internet offers don't always ring bells

Wireless telephone providers often run internet promotions that offer deals with significant savings over other retail outlets. But many people seem to be unaware of the savings potential of ordering their phones online. In a recent Compete survey of over 2,200 wireless phone users, just 28% felt that the internet offered the best deals on wireless phones and services. People also indicated a reluctance to purchase online, with just 27%

World Baseball Classic

Bud Selig, the commissioner of Major League Baseball has officially hit a home run with the World Baseball Classic. From March 3 through March 20, 2006, teams from all over the world are showcasing a brand of baseball that is best described as refreshing. The motivation for players in the WBC is to represent their respective countries; not the size of their paycheck. This tournament is causing a buzz on

The List Gets Longer

Feeling uninspired? Looking for a purpose? Here’s a site that let’s you take a peek at the goals of other people, and maybe figure out what it is you want to do with your life. is another entry into the social networking space, but here users are asked to list up to 43 things that they want to accomplish. This goal-oriented concept provides an opportunity to find out more

Pepsi Cola

The number 9 site on our Top 10 Movers list for Week 8 is Here you will find product facts, all the latest Pepsi TV advertisements, and information on the Pepsi Street Motion Tour. This is a nationwide showing of cars and music. With decked out automobiles like the Mazda RX-8 and on stage acts including the New York based turntable group Xecutioners, this promotional tour drew over 270,000

Accessorize Your Automobile

The hottest site on our list of movers for Week 8 is Here you will find everything you need to dress up your vehicle; from trunk liners to sheepskin seat covers, they’ve got it. Their "1 — Year Lower Price Guarantee" promises the best deal on all products — if you find an item cheaper up to 1 year after your purchase, they will pay you the difference plus

Tax Time is Coming…

As April 15 approaches, consumers continue to flock to in droves, with 2.1 million Americans visiting during Week 8. The site offers four versions of Intuit’s Turbo Tax software, each at different price levels, so users can access the most appropriate tool for their needs. Turbo Tax has been one of the most popular online tax filing solutions available for several years now. That popularity has only been increased

Bored or Board?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, has the perfect chess competition for you. With an estimated 41,000 US internet users making moves during Week 8, this online game always has thousands of players looking for a match. Get your friends to join and you can compete against them to see who can attain the highest chess rating. Games are not played at a rapid pace; with three

The Smoking Gun

Once again The Smoking Gun was one of the hottest sites on the Web. During Week 8 this highly entertaining site saw more than a half million unique visitors. The current featured document reveals how the multimillion dollar budget of blockbuster movies is actually spent. The movie "Signs" required 45 days of Mel Gibson’s time; for his efforts he received a cool 25 million dollars. The rest of the cast

American Idol

American Idol is far from idle; while it seemed the show could not get any more popular, doubled in traffic from Week 7 to Week 8. An estimated 1,128,260 unique US Web surfers hit this page last week alone. Did you know that Becky O’Donohue always drinks green tea before she performs? Or that Gedeon McKinney does not get nervous? At this site you can learn more about the

Melts In Your Mouth, Not Your Hand

One of the most popular sites during Week 7, offers everything M&M related. Here you will find recipes for M&M cakes, bars, brownies, and cookies. Other content includes greeting cards, games, downloads, and TV commercials. Did you know that you can order customized M&M’s with unique messages on them? It seems that most people do know this as the site received so many hits during week 7 — over