The List Gets Longer

Feeling uninspired? Looking for a purpose? Here’s a site that let’s you take a peek at the goals of other people, and maybe figure out what it is you want to do with your life. is another entry into the social networking space, but here users are asked to list up to 43 things that they want to accomplish. This goal-oriented concept provides an opportunity to find out more about what people are really into other than their favorite bands.

You can learn, for instance, that James Hill of Sydney, Australia wants to visit 100 countries before he’s 30. Or you can check in on how Allyson in Boston is progressing in her goal to learn Italian. And (surprise, surprise) you can also contact and meet people who have interests and goals in life that are similar to yours. The site was visited by over 800,000 users in February…we think we’ll need a longer list.