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Turf War

In much of the country, springtime means Barbecue’s and lots of time outdoors on the lawn. Internet users are preparing by taking a look at to read up on the various ways to improve and protect your grassy yard. Obviously this site has product information on lawn fertilizers, soils, and mulches. What I found most intriguing was the in depth “How to” section which helps you identify your grass


Bounce is taking the war on static and odor to the web. features a 30 second video clip proclaiming that if you use their dryer sheets, your clothes will actually repel lint and hair. The newest Bounce product is the Winter Solution to static. Tough to say if it’s the product information or the fresh ideas on how to have your entire house smelling good that is driving traffic

Music Television Internet, the 229th most popular site during Week 11, attracts music enthusiasts with content, content, content. If you ask me – and you have no choice – the coolest aspect of this site by far is MTV Overdrive (found under the video tab). Here you can view videos of any artist ever aired on MTV! Relive your childhood by viewing the staple videos of your generation. From The Beastie Boys

Gawker Stalker

Have you ever wanted to track the movements of your favorite celebrity the same way that scientists track endangered species in the wild? Thanks to Gawker Stalker at, you can finally have your wish. The site allows users to post details of run-ins they may have had with celebs in Manahattan, including a map of their precise location at the time of the sighting. Some obvious privacy issues arise

T.O. in Big D

In Week 11, had visits from close to 450,000 fans who were encouraged by the signing of enigmatic wide receiver Terrell Owens. Owens is one of the most electrifying players in the NFL, and his touchdown celebrations have been among the most memorable in the history of the league. But the T.O. Show has lots of drama to go with all that entertainment. Contract disputes, feuds with teammates, and

LOTS of Pillsbury Dough

March competitions aren’t reserved strictly for college basketball, and we’ve got the data to prove it. Traffic to nearly tripled in the week-long run up to the 42nd Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest.  Hosted and promoted by The View’s Joy Behar, the contest featured 100 finalists selected from thousands of recipe entries all competing for an astonishing $1,000,000 Grand Prize. The eventual winner, selected on March 22, was Anna Ginsberg of

Don't Date Him Girl!!!

Now here is a creative idea., a new website as well as concept, is an ever-growing database of males who have been busted for cheating. Created for the jilted woman, by the jilted woman, this site relies on input from its user base. If you ever catch your significant male friend canoodling with another woman, you can get even by posting his picture along with a synopsis of how

Sweet 16

Keeping with yesterday’s theme – mostly because Week 11 numbers are in and an overwhelming amount of NCAA Basketball sites had a field day – College hoops sites did extraordinarily well between the dates of March 12th and 18th. One of the most popular of these was, where b-ball fans can keep tabs on all the scores and read up-to-the-minute play-by-play action. An industry leader, this CBS site hosted

March Madness

Even though the NCAA men’s basketball tournament had not yet begun as of Week 10, played host to 358,000 college hoop enthusiasts. Why all the traffic before the games even began? Everyone and their sister was signing up for a free pass to live streaming video of all the basketball games beginning on March 16 and continuing through the two weeks of buzzer beaters and upsets. Once you are


If you’ve ever seen a virtual meteorologist on or an animated sports caster at ESPN’s Sportsnation, then you’ve seen the work of Oddcast, one of our Top Movers for Week 10. Oddcast creates online solutions for a vast array of popular websites. It’s worth checking out their site to learn about how companies are using conversational technology to increase traffic and customer satisfaction. More and more websites are catching

Color Your World

Did you know that America’s favorite Crayola crayon color is blue? lists the rest of the top 50 most popular colors as well as a slew of other facts regarding their products and their history. Parents, children, and teachers alike can order crayons, print out blank holiday cards for coloring, and even get ideas for lesson plans and games. In Week 9 the site drew nearly a quarter-million US