Monthly Archives: February 2006

Your Space

Alright admit it, you have a myspace account; at this point I am pretty sure that my grandmother is one of the three people left in the United States that hasn’t perused the ninth most popular site on the net. If you are interested in making your myspace page stick out check out (formerly This site doubled in users in January due to the wild success of myspace

Movers and Eaters

The restaurant category is one of our favorites here at MyXchange. One trend we’ve noticed is the heated rivalry between Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. In January each site saw over a million unique visitors, many of whom were attracted by the “ORDER ONLINE” capabilities. The feature allows pizza lovers to order their food days, weeks, or even months before the big game, a birthday party, or poker night with

U.S.A – U.S.A – U.S.A. saw traffic increase by 132% from Week 3 to Week 4. Other than stories and pictures about Olympians preparing for the upcoming games in Torino, this site allows you to see at exactly what time each event will be aired in your time zone. Thanks to I now know that I can watch Shaun White go HUGE out of the halfpipe on Sunday, February 12 at 7 PM

Super Sunday

Several football related sites saw some serious traffic increases during Week 4., an apparel store for saw a 36% jump in viewers due to their Steelers and Seahawks apparel, as well as copies of official game programs for the big game. For those overconfident fans out there, offered a "Super Bowl Kit" which contained either Steelers or Seahawks championship gear. Obviously roughly half of these orders never

Tale of the Tape

Proving that everyday household products can still generate buzz, 3M makes our Top 10 Movers list with a NASCAR-themed promotion of, drum roll please… electrical tape. According to a 3M press release, packages of certain lines of tape are labelled with a unique code. Buyers who type their code into the 3M site are entered into the “Richard Petty Driving Experience” sweepstakes, with a chance to win a variety of

Trade DVDs

How many DVD’s do you have in your collection? Of those, how many will you EVER WATCH AGAIN? Seriously, if you are anything like me you have a collection of DVDs sitting under your TV that is collecting dust and will not see any action from here on out. Here is what you should do, join the other 1.4 million people (estimated unique visitors) who decided to sign up at


Taking advantage of our fears of chunkiness from holiday and new year festivities, TheBiggestLoserClub , drove more traffic to its site through their “free diet profile” promotion and the anticipation of a new Loser season. With an increase of 103%, close to 400,000 weight-conscious, resolute visitors cruised the site to check on membership and the latest on Join the club by submitting your diet and exercise habits, receive meal plans