Crank up the Victrola

If you still haven’t gotten used to the concept of MP3’s and Itunes, or if you’re just nostalgic for the days when your music came in a format that was actually tangible, then is for you. Subscribers can buy any CD (that’s “Compact Disc” for you young folks) for just $5.99, shipping included, and can choose from over 14,000 titles. In Week 5 the site saw more than 1.9 million visitors, a ten-fold increase over Week 4, proving that CD’s aren’t quite ready to go the way of the cassette, 8-track, or LP. is one online presence of BMG Direct, the US subscription music service of German media giant Bertelsmann. The pricing structure differs from the company’s, which boasts the well-known “12 CDs for the price of one” promotion. Either way, there’s lots of affordable music out there for you if you know where to look.