Put me on your don't call list

Sick of those annoying phone calls interrupting dinner? The ones that tell you that you are pre-approved for some credit card that needs to be in your wallet because it is transparent (which must mean that you are loaded right?). Check out donotcall.gov to register your home or mobile phone for free. Once it has been on the registry for 31 days telemarketers are strictly forbidden from dialing your number. If any telemarketer still makes it through to you go ahead and file a complaint on the site to further reduce these annoyances.

In the past, these marketing and sales calls have targeted landlines, but recently mobile phones have become the popular channel. Thus, it is no surprise that traffic to donotcall.gov increased by 181% in January as people are registering their wireless numbers. This is a very simple way to greatly diminish (if not eliminate) unwanted calls. Calls from your Ex however do not qualify; I suggest you invest in some caller id to solve that problem.