Taking advantage of our fears of chunkiness from holiday and new year festivities, TheBiggestLoserClub , drove more traffic to its site through their “free diet profile” promotion and the anticipation of a new Loser season. With an increase of 103%, close to 400,000 weight-conscious, resolute visitors cruised the site to check on membership and the latest on Join the club by submitting your diet and exercise habits, receive meal plans and exercise programs customized to your needs. Membership includes weekly emails and access to the show’s fitness consultants.

While casting calls continue for contestants for Season 3, two special Biggest Loser shows have aired since the end of Season 2: Engaged Couples and Families. Shortening the airing time to 2 nights versus a season, both of these shows feature the same format: weigh-in, work-out, eat less, and weigh-in again. Experience the ups and downs of these contestants or create your own.. BLC .