Monthly Archives: February 2006

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

If you have never been to, there is no better time than now to surf the endless video footage provided at this site. The 249th most popular page on the Web, youtube is an excellent way to kill some time. An estimated 4.06 million people visited youtube in January of 2006. This number is sure to grow as people are flocking to the internet looking for footage of Jason

Shots all around

With White House officials slow to release the details surrounding Vice President Cheney’s February 11 hunting mishap, the web was abuzz with reporting, speculation, and rumor. One site that benefitted from news-hungry visitors seeking to fill the information gap was The Huffington Post (a traffic increase of 163% in Week 7). Created by one-time conservative pundit turned left-leaning blogger Arianna Huffington, the site boasts scores of articles by well-known columnists,


You can be sure that will see more than the estimated 1,000 hits it experienced in January of 2006. This much anticipated site strives to provide the average person with more accurate real estate information. Type in an address and if it is one of the 60 million residential properties in their database you will find information such as; previous sales price, value of surrounding properties, and even a

365 Million Reasons to Visit

Recently a winning Powerball lottery ticket was sold in Lincoln, Nebraska, ending weeks of hype, as well as the hopes and dreams of millions of us who still have to work. While the Powerball jackpot was rising, so was the traffic to The promise of a $365 million payout helped attract an estimated 845,848 visitors. This was almost a 50% increase from Week 5. If you live in or

Electronic Cards

Don’t have the time to go card shopping? An easy alternative is an ecard offered at either or . Both sites had a big Week 6 due to the volume of Valentine’s Day cards being emailed around the Web. Myfuncards fielded over 768,000 visitors during the week, a 37% increase from the prior week. Both sites allow you to send customized cards for any occasion. Next time you

Don't Sweat It

Fresh off a pricey commercial spot during the Super Bowl, Degree deodorant saw unique visitors nearly double from Week 5 to Week 6. The site offers two unique experiences, one for women and one for men. Both sides allow you to view Degree TV advertisements, read about different products, and sign up to receive a sample of their deodorant. The men’s page also offers poker tips and a quiz on

Valentine's Day

As expected, a slew of sites pertaining to flowers, teddy bears, and other romantic gifts made our top movers list during Week 6 of 2006. Leading the way, experiencing a 715% increase in hits, Vermont Teddy Bear helped 331,559 visitors find the perfect gift. The only bear made in America, this site offers everything from the Snowboarder bear to the Get Well bear. Traffic jumped by over 400% for

Tiny URL

Do you ever send emails that contain links? Have you ever had a link break when sent so that the recipient has to copy and paste it to their browser? Or more likely, have you ever received a reply saying that a link does not work? You can solve this problem at, a site that condenses long URLs into shorter ones that will not break in emails and will

Crank up the Victrola

If you still haven’t gotten used to the concept of MP3’s and Itunes, or if you’re just nostalgic for the days when your music came in a format that was actually tangible, then is for you. Subscribers can buy any CD (that’s “Compact Disc” for you young folks) for just $5.99, shipping included, and can choose from over 14,000 titles. In Week 5 the site saw more than 1.9

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Here is a real simple concept, a search engine with big text. That is what offers; huge letters, large links, and an impossible to miss "Search" button. experienced a 69% increase in visitors during January. Perhaps web surfers with vision problems find this search engine to be the easiest to use. An estimated 1.41 million US internet users visited in January, 2006. To put things in perspective,

Put me on your don't call list

Sick of those annoying phone calls interrupting dinner? The ones that tell you that you are pre-approved for some credit card that needs to be in your wallet because it is transparent (which must mean that you are loaded right?). Check out to register your home or mobile phone for free. Once it has been on the registry for 31 days telemarketers are strictly forbidden from dialing your number.