Monthly Archives: January 2006

A New Breed of Travel Guide

Doubling its traffic in Week 3, the world’s leading online travel community, IgoUgo benefited from snow-weary Northerners itching to plan their getaways. The site boasts 350,000 registered members who write their own opinions of destinations across the globe. Vacationers can plan their trips by reading through thousands of journals and candid reviews posted by fellow travelers. Whether you’re looking for roadside attractions, luxury accommodations or cheap eats, you can’t get

Taxing Times Ahead

As W4’s began hitting inboxes across the country during Week 3 we started to see some serious traffic to sites related to tax returns. Intuit, H&R Block, and TaxActOnline all saw increases of over 60%, while TurboTax logged 1.3 million visitors — a lift of 56% over the previous week. Leading the taxpack in terms of sheer volume, the IRS website served over 3 million unique visitors looking for the

Fig Leaves

The number two site on our list of movers for Week 3 is I had no idea what the site was when I originally typed in the URL; but when I opened it up and an image of a scantily clad female filled my screen I quickly realized that figleaves sells lingerie and under things. I couldn’t figure out why we were seeing such a huge surge in traffic

The Smoking Gun

You want some dirt? TSG has all the latest gossip and backs it up with proof. Owned by Court TV, this site constantly updates with stories on the hot issues. The latest article is on James Frey, author of the best-selling book "A Million Little Pieces". After a six-week investigation, TSG found that many of the facts in this "nonfiction" paperback were fabricated. The best part of the site is

Powered by the Music Genome Project, this music lover’s site treats your ears to an endless stream of songs based upon your musical likes and dislikes. All you do is type in a song or band that you enjoy and spits out song after song that is of the same genre based on numerous categories spanning from melody to lyrics. Your stream of music, or radio station as it


Three of the Top 10 Movers this week are sites related to automobiles. The fastest mover among them is Autoblog, one of the most comprehensive automotive sites on the web. It’s got thousands of posts on a wide range of vehicle-related topics. From the latest news from Industry shows, to practical advice on car shopping, this site covers autos from A to Z. It’s even got a section devoted to