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Every Woman's Fantasy"¦Fashion and Tabloid Fantasy Leagues

In the past months we have written blogs about both fantasy football sites and celebrity popularity based on search engine queries. Initially you might think these topics are completely unrelated, but sadly, you would be quite wrong. Last May, Bill Simmons from ESPN wrote a hilarious article describing his attempts to explain the allure and excitement of fantasy sports to his wife. In the weeks following its publication, it became

Beyond Skin Deep: The real top dating sites

To differentiate themselves from the competition, online dating services use "data" like the number of members, criteria used in matchmaking or (my personal favorite) the number of marriages "created." But how do these sites really stack up in terms of traffic? Looking at the number of November site visitors, Yahoo Personals and TRUE lead the industry, with about 2 times the volume of 3rd place Match. But ranking online dating

Dieting in 2007

It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the end of another year. It’s ever harder to believe we’ve gained that much weight. If I have any chance of fitting into last year’s swimsuit I need to act fast. So once again it’s time to join millions of fellow fatties as we make the annual New Year’s Resolution to lose the holiday poundage. If this year follows the trends we’ve observed in

SnapShot Update!

On December 20th, we pushed out some key updates to Thank you for all the great feedback — keep ’em coming! We’re listening! You will immediately notice the following new features: The ability to compare 5 domains (previously 3) Portfolios – Save your favorite site comparisons to a portfolio for quick recall later on Graph improvements An inverted graph for the Rank metric Enhanced rounding/spacing/labeling algorithm A new page

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Compete team!

November Top Movers

December 25 is just days away. For some that means looking forward to sitting around the Christmas Tree, sharing moments of joy with family. For others it means looking forward to no lines at the movie theaters and lots of Chinese food. And for still others it means looking forward to yet another year of being the creepy guy in the Santa hat at the Cabaret Lounge asking the cocktail

Perez Hilton and Britney Spears

Bloggers have the unique opportunity to present their views without fear of recriminations thanks to the relative anonymity the medium provides. Some use this to their advantage, and watch their popularity skyrocket as their posts become more and more controversial. But there’s where the twist comes in. The more notoriety a blogger attains, the less anonymity they can retain. So they have a choice — tone down their musings and

Wal-Mart: Fake blogs, Obama investigation, holiday boycotts — no problem

Wal-Mart has had a few tough years in the PR department. For years suppliers and local merchants have complained about Wal-Mart’s "bully" practices. In Nov ’05, Wal-Mart’s employment practices motivated an entire documentary film and recently Wal-Mart was flagged for sponsoring a flog (a fake blog) in an attempt to help bolster its public image. The mounting angst towards Wal-Mart has spawned two union supported anti Wal-Mart sites to educate

The Long Tail Internet Myth: Top 10 domains aren't shrinking

Today’s post is an extended analysis and perspective on Richard MacManus’s original post. I’m a huge advocate of the Long Tail theory/reality and I even require new members of the team to read Chris Andersen’s book by the same title. The basic premise of the long tail is that the internet has unlocked affordable and available content and product distribution channels that allow "˜non hit’ media (ie. non-mainstream) to

Gamer Hype Fight: What's going to be the biggest video game hit after the Holidays?

Today I bring to you the first of what will become a monthly video game feature here at the Compete Blog. I present a new metric known as "hype". Anyone can tell you that Halo 3 is going to be huge. But how huge? And how much bigger than Gears of War? For the first time we are bringing you a view into pre-release video game demand based on the

XM vs. Sirius Satellite Radio: Is the competition Sirius?

Coke vs. Pepsi, McDonalds vs. Burger King, Yankees vs. Red Sox are all examples of some of the most well known rivalries in American culture. Is it time to add XM vs. Sirius to this list? Well, the significance of this rivalry is certainly up for debate, however there is no arguing that it has been bitter battle to this point. I am of course talking about the satellite radio